Piarco International Airport

Newly renovated in 2001, Trinidad’s Piarco Airport is 32km (20miles) southeast of our capital city, Port of Spain. The contemporary facility is an easily manageable airport for travelers, with a satellite office for Trinidad & Tobago’s Tourism Board. By request, the Anise Shuttle will meet you outside Customs.

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Anise Shuttle Service

The Road to Anise… your journey begins. The journey to Sans Souci will take you through Trinidad’s buzzing villages, along its highways and winding country roads, into the small, lively villages that line this fair Caribbean nation.

Anise Resort & Spa offers and highly recommends that our guests take advantage of our shuttle service to and from the airport. Our skilled and knowledgeable drivers will ensure both an efficient and enjoyable road travel – relax and experience the inspiring sights and layers of Trinidad. The trip is approximately two hours travel.

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