The pride of Anise, the Plantain Restaurant, is named in honor of Sans Souci – the plantain belt of Trinidad. The dining room is warm, inviting and with its open-air design, you will savor each meal amidst sounds of the sea and scents from the herb garden, grown and nurtured by the Anise family.

Like the culture of Trinidad, our cuisine is a blend of traditional and contemporary tastes from the islands, with South American and European influences.

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Greet the day as you sit back and enjoy Anise’s exceptional breakfast menu, watching the tides roll in as your day begins. From cereal to pastries, and exemplary hot breakfast, all options present indoors can be catered to you as you relax and find company with the ocean breeze.

Nestle under the sea grape trees or relax under a covered beach chair by the shore. Your relaxation is our guarantee, as our staff takes great care of your every need. Group offer only.

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At the exact place where the Caribbean meets the Atlantic, at nearby Galera Point, come enjoy your morning coffee and tea while welcoming the start of a new day.

Hidden from the road by groves of sea grape trees, watch the sun rise in this unforgettable experience of nature and total serenity.

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Our Professional StaffServing Up Genuine Cuisine With Love

Our staff is always near to serve and ensure you are having the perfect vacation. Professionally trained to prepare both local and international dishes, your taste buds will be amazed and definitely delighted. From local dishes to desserts that are incredibly phenomenal, you are sure to always remember your stay here with us. We also have a great selection of drinks that can be found at the Swizzle Stick Bar. From daiquiris to local concoctions, you are sure to be satisfied.

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This was the first all inclusive resort that we have been to where the vegetarian option was not simply bread and butter. Meals were also not repetitive, but consisted of many tasty local dishes and juices. A very high standard! Sandra Deoraj at Tripadvisor

Opening Hours

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Breakfast: 8am – 9:30am
Dinner: 7pm – 9pm

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We are more than delighted to serve you.

1 (868) 670-4436