Book a luxurious massage, or exfoliation treatment at the spa, and your cares will be carried out to sea. Whether it’s the sun kissed stones handpicked from the beaches, sea salts from the Caribbean, or fresh herbs from the garden crushed into a scrub or infused in oil, our spa experiences continue the holistic spirit at Anise.

It’s time to unwind.

We have various therapeutic massages on offer, ranging from hot stone massage, a deep, rich body scrub massage, deep tissue massage, or your traditional massage. All are done by our highly trained and professional staff. You can see the listing of massages below and their prices.

Modified treatments are available for groups who seek an outdoor experience. Anise recommends scheduling upon reservation or 24 hours in advance.


Hot Stone Massage

75 mins – $100 USD

Deep Tissue Massage

60 mins – $85 USD

Swedish Massage

50 mins – $60 USD

Aromatherapy Massage

50 mins – $75 USD

Body Scrub

20 mins – $45 USD

50 mins – $75 USD


To ensure you are scheduled for your massage, please book upon reservation at our resort, or at least 24 hours in advance.