From our paradise beach to the countryside of Sans Souci, there is lots that you can put your hands to when staying at Anise Resort and Spa. Frolic in the sand and sea at Big Bay Beach during the day, and look out for the leather-back turtles coming to shore during the night.

This paradise beach is right at the steps of Anise, and we are the only resort on this stretch of sand.

Discover Big Bay Beach

Carnival Season

This season is from late December to Ash Wednesday. Trinidad’s Carnival is copied throughout the world, but never equaled. The season runs in our blood year-round, so when we’re not celebrating, we’re preparing. Masqueraders come from around the world to participate in a truly one-of-a-kind event. While the date changes each year, it is marked by the two days before Ash Wednesday.

Turtle Season

This season is from March to July. Conservationists and enthusiasts flock to Trinidad and Tobago to observe the island’s treasured leather-back turtles lay their eggs on the sands of Toco, including Big Bay Beach at the foot of Anise Resort and Spa. Staying with us will put you right in view of these leather-backs, especially from our Turtle Deck where they can be spotted by moonlight. Inquire with us to arrange a viewing of these lovely sea creatures.

Bird Tour

‘A bird lover’s paradise’. Enjoy our Piping Guan Tour where we take you further North for a chance at spotting the rare and majestic Piping Guan or ‘Pawi’ bird. It is a species closely related to the Common Piping Guan of South America but is endemic to Trinidad. This large turkey-like bird was hunted almost to extinction. It has a reputation of being unwary of hunters and there are tales of ‘Pawi’ remaining perched on a branch even as its flock-mates were being shot. Fortunately the species has survived and although still very rare, received some measure of protection. Many other species of birds, uncommon to the rest of the island, are also enjoyed on this Tour. Please inquire about package details.

Nature Drive

Enjoy the Outdoors! Journey along the coast with our guide, as you enjoy tales of the ‘olden days’ and of the rich tapestry of the home to the country’s largest cocoa estates, plantain belt, lush forestry and breath taking trails. All this while maneuvering the winding coast, as well as off beaten paths. Stop off at the Gallera Point, to view the Local Light House and it’s magnificent views of where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The tour continues through the local rain forest spanning the driving road to experience the local flora, fauna, abandoned cocoa estates and agricultural lands. Please inquire about package details.